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The tools on are build by members of the OpenStreetMap and Open Source communities.

Getting Help

When you ask for help, describe exactly what you did (including what commands, config files, input data, etc. you used), what you expected what would happen, and what happened instead (including log files, output files, etc.). Include the version of the operating system and all relevant software, etc. in your report. You can ask questions on Please have a look around whether your question was answered already. Many have been answered at old help site and tagged with osmium or pyosmium.

Mailing List: The OSM developer list is a good place to get into contact with Osmium developers and users. It is very likely that somebody can help you there.

IRC: Sometimes you just have a quick question and need a quick answer. The IRC chat is perfect for that. Come to the #osm-dev channel on the OFTC net. (See the OSM wiki for some more information on how to get there.) The best way to get an answer is to just ask your question, short and specific is better than long-winded. If somebody is there who can help, they usually will.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs through the Github issue system in the appropriate repository for the software or project you are using.

This website is maintained in a git repository, too. Please report problems with the website there.

Commercial Support

The free support through the community works usually very well, but if you have some special needs, you can get commercial support from the Osmium maintainer, Jochen Topf.

This web site is maintained by:
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